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THE PACT Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Release

Screamworks Records has released THE PACT Original Motion Picture Soundtrack digitally and on CD!

Download from iTunes:

The Pact (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Ronen Landa

Or order the CD: Here

thepact_ostHere’s a sampling of the critical response:

Jorn Tillnes, “It’s really something special we have here and if the film is just as scary as the score, then I’m not sure my heart could take it.”

John Mansell, “I was quite taken aback at the inventiveness and originality of this score… it is a superior, intelligent and well written score that I know will delight and maybe even frighten many a collector of quality film music.”

Randall Larson, Soundtrax: “Landa creates a mesmerizing spectrum of sound that immerses the listener in its aural depths.”

From Screamworks Records:

…one of the most interesting genre scores we have come across recently, written for a small chamber orchestra and soloists. Beautiful melodic writing for piano and solo violin provides an elegant and emotional contrast to the more experimental parts of the score. The stand-out cue ‘Apparitions’ offers a lot of unusual instrumental techniques and is a treat for the fan of the avant-garde.

THE PACT is now in limited release in the US and available on iTunes and On Demand.