Two New Scores!

Ronen recently completed two film scores for talented up-and-coming directors. Kevin Choi’s “Game Boy” is a gritty and challenging film about Asian-American men in New York. The score features subtle, piano-driven music.

“Ms. Handel,” by Ken Kristensen, tells the creepy tale of a 3rd grade teacher’s first day on the job. For this film, Ronen composed beautiful yet somewhat disturbing music.

Congratulations to both filmmakers on their new films! Stay tuned, as more is always in the works.



Forget the camera and the action, after the blackout that quieted New York City and much of the Northeast, the lights will suffice!

International advertising agency Foote, Cone & Belding has designated Ronen’s music for a Diet Coke ad as an “Agency Select”. Stay tuned as Ronen is already working on a new project for FCB!

During the blackout, Ronen sought out good friend and viola player Lev Zhurbin for an impromptu twilight jam session on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. It turns out acoustic instruments still don’t need electricity to sound great.

Lev and three other talented musicians recently performed a selection from Ronen’s original composition Strignettes for String Quartet at Columbia University’s Philosophy Hall. Stay tuned for MP3’s from the concert.

Kevin Choi’s short film, Game Boy, is in the can and getting cut. Ronen will begin scoring the film towards the end of August.