The Pact will premiere at Sundance 2011

I’m happy to announce that I am currently working on the original score for director Nicholas McCarthy’s film The Pact, one of only 24 U.S. Narrative short films selected to premiere at Sundance 2011.  The score is shaping into a haunting piece of work, and will feature an exciting musical collaboration (more on that soon).  You can find more information on Sundance here.

In other news, congratulations to the Burning in the Sun team for winning the innovation category in LinkTV‘s ViewChange contest!  A few other recent projects will be gearing up for screenings and more soon, so stay tuned!

UPDATE: The tremendous musical talents of Anna Bulbrook of The Airborne Toxic Event (violin) and Dan Tepfer (piano) are featured on The Pact‘s score!

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“Festival of Light” and more

Greetings from the left coast!

Recent weeks have been incredibly exciting as I’ve been scoring the independent feature drama Festival of Light (that’s Diwali, not Hanukka), directed by Shundell Prasad.   The music has evolved into a beautiful mix of ethnic and cinematic elements, with a palette drawn from South America, Southeast Asia and guitar-driven rock accompanied by a lush string orchestra.  It’s hard to encapsulate just how inspiring it’s been to collaborate with the many musicians who have helped bring the score to life.

I’ve posted a few sneak peaks of the score in the Recent Work album, along with highlights from Jacob Kader‘s short film Quarter Magic– a delightful comedy that I scored a couple months ago.

Burning in the Sun continues to play at festivals all over the globe.  Check out the website for the latest information on screenings near you.

And if you somehow missed Life on Discovery Channel (or Animal Planet), rest assured re-broadcasts will come! And if not, you can still hear some of my contributions in the Music for Films album. The DVD is also available for purchase.