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Eloise, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 

” a dense horror score done right.. Ronen Landa turns on the scares”  Mihnea Manduteanu, Soundtrack Dreams

“Landa delivers an intricate, multi-layered feast for the ears”  Darren Rea, Review Graveyard

“…the Eloise Soundtrack was composed in a manner that will send chills up and down your spine…Ronen Landa knows just how to create a horror/thriller soundtrack” Melissa Minners, 

A Rising Tide, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

“I like the melancholy in this score and I like its quiet demeanor; I have always been a fan of quieter, more reflective music and Ronen Landa shows here that he can paint with the softest of brushes as well.” Mihnea Manduteanu, Soundtrack Dreams 

“Landa is also a great dramatic composer … this is just a lovely listen.” Jørn Tillnes, Soundtrack Geek

Mad as Hell Soundtrack

Mad as Hell, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 

“… full of punchy, no nonsense tracks. As a showpiece for the various styles Landa can adapt himself to, this is spot on.”   Darren Rea,

“… a wholly original soundscape of guitars and electronics … a fantastic documentary score that is worth discovering.”  Kaya Savas, Film Music Media

“… inventively arranged and offset against one another to form an intriguing sonic backdrop … Landa’s music is as catchy as it is eclectic.”  Randall Larson, Buy Soundtrax

At the Devil’s Door, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

“This might just be one of the scariest horror scores I have heard in my life.”   Jørn Tillnes,

“… like a visit in a tight and dark tunnel which has lots of twists and turns. You never know what to expect.”  Mihnea Manduteanu, Soundtrack Dreams

“… a catalog of resources, experimentation and inquisitiveness hard to find in modern horror films. And that is something we must be thankful about.”  Rubén Franco, AsturScore Música de Cine

“… a brilliant soundtrack by Ronen Landa to toy with us, and drag us down into this never ending spiral.”  Nanthania Wreh,

The Pact, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

“This score is truly a haunting experience that will send chills up and down your body … The Pact may be one of the greatest horror scores I’ve heard.”  Kaya Savas, Film Music Media

“I was quite taken aback at the inventiveness and originality of this score … a superior, intelligent and well written score that I know will delight and maybe even frighten many a collector of quality film music.”  John Mansell,

“Landa shows a real grasp of the psychological-spiritual musical realm in for his first big paranormal scoring venture … Landa’s ‘Pact’ sends a chill up your spine.”  Daniel Schweiger, Film Music Magazine

“… incredibly affecting … an excellent horror soundtrack that has enough variety and depth of emotion to appeal to any soundtrack lover too.”  David Brook, Blueprint Review

“It’s really something special we have here and if the film is just as scary as the score, then I’m not sure my heart could take it.”  Jørn Tillnes, Soundtrack Geek

“Landa creates a mesmerizing spectrum of sound that immerses the listener in its aural depths.”  Randall Larson, Buy Soundtrax


“… an astounding auditory journey … an intricate and delightful aural treat.”  Gary Miraz, Cinema Without Borders