My latest horror-thriller score, for David Marmor's 1BR will premiere as part of the 2019 Fantasia International Film Festival. We had an amazing time creating the themes and musical thrills for this film. Congratulations to David and the entire cast & crew!

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Today I'm releasing A∞A//art on a loop  a special mixed-media album collaboration with visual artist Sheila Darcey Sheila created original artwork (watercolor+ink) as she listened to my music, and I then scored the time-lapse videos of the work she created. Downloads include the time-lapse videos, the music and the artwork.  All proceeds benefit Education Through Music - Los Angeles in support of music education for disadvantaged children. Click [...]

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Site Redesign

Welcome to the redesigned and reimagined ronenlanda.com! Creating this site was a labor of love many months in the making, and I'm especially grateful to Sheila Darcey (a.k.a. @sketchpoetic) for her magnificent original artwork, Alex Justice for her stunning portraits, Scott Citron's elegant design and Bob Levine's coding and web development. Sheila Darcey 's art was created especially for this site as part of a broader collaboration we will be announcing in the near [...]

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Aquarians on Amazon Prime

After a limited theatrical run, Aquarians, an independent feature about faith and family, is now available on Amazon prime.  We created an intimate, and sometimes mysterious, vibe with piano, accordion, winds and viola. Congrats to director Michael McGuire and the team! Click below for the trailer (featuring a cue from the original score): 

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‘Whiteout’ Wins Jerry Goldsmith Award

I’m honored to have received a Jerry Goldsmith Award for Best Song alongside my superlative multi-hyphenate co-writer Anna Bulbrook for our song Whiteout! A giant thank you to director Cambria Matlow who asked us to write the song for the WOODSRIDER trailer based on her beautiful film. Whiteout  is available now exclusively on Bandcamp (and don’t miss Anna’s stunning fiddle playing on The Woodrider from the documentary score). Click below to [...]

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Three Score Albums

On Friday 10/27 I'll be releasing score albums for the feature films Eloise, A Rising Tide and Woodsrider. These films have made their way into the world over the last year and I'm beyond thrilled to share the music in album form.  Both Eloise and A Rising Tide score albums are full-length releases and will be available on iTunes and Bandcamp.   Woodsrider is an EP release available exclusively on Bandcamp. [...]

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A Rising Tide on Showtime

A Rising Tide, written and directed by Ben Hickernell premiered on Showtime this week and will be playing regularly. Check this page for more info and broadcast schedule, and more release news is coming this summer!

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Director Robert Legato's feature film ELOISE is coming to select theaters and VOD on February 3rd!  The film stars Chace Crawford, Eliza Dushku, Brandon T. Jackson, P.J. Byrne and Robert Patrick.  Stay tuned for soundtrack release details. And congratulations to Rob on his Best Visual Effects Oscar Nomination for his stunning work on The Jungle Book! UPDATE: Nomination and WIN.  Congrats Rob!

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Excited to announce that the horror anthology HOLIDAYS will have its world premiere at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival.  Better yet, it will be available for everyone to watch on VOD the next day! I scored Nicholas McCarthy's segment "EASTER", and the film also features segments by directors Kevin Smith, Gary Shore, Scott Stewart, Kevin Kolschand Dennis Widmyer, Sarah Adina Smith, Adam Egypt Mortimer, and Anthony Scott Burns Check out the trailer [...]

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A Rising Tide and The Quitter

So proud that director Ben Hickernell's feature film A RISING TIDE received its world premiere at the acclaimedSeattle International Film Festival! The score is chock full of achy romantic themes, with electric guitar melodies accompanied by string orchestra -- I had a great time composing and performing on this one.   Check out a clip from our scoring session below, and more news from the film is sure to [...]

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